I was born and raised in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), and immigrated to Canada at the age of eight. From a very young age, I saw too many social inequities faced by women and children in my native country, so I launched Stats Congo Inc. to use innovation to support hospitals in Congo serving women throughout the full pregnancy cycle to help reduce maternal death rates. Stats Congo was a Grand Challenges Canada Stars in Global Health grant winning idea, then made it on Forbes 30 Under 30, that journey, it quickly became obvious that a large population of those living in Congo were financially dependent on their loved ones abroad.

Many members of my family and those of the Congolese-Canadian diaspora community, continuously feel anxious about bearing the financial responsibility to take care of their family and friends back in Congo. The majority were healthcare costs, for which no invoice was given to prove how the money was used at the local level. This narrative is shared among many, if not all, immigrants living in the West that are fortunate enough to leave their country of birth and are now responsible for their loved ones living back home.

I started Aluuka out of frustration for seeing my mother stressed out about feeling the financial burden of her family in Kinshasa, and having to depend on a third party recipient to pay for hospital costs without providing evidence of how the money was spent. Ultimately, I want Aluuka to give you a peace of mind that all you have to do is pay for your loved ones healthcare expenses on our platform, and we will make sure that it goes directly to the intended healthcare providers locally. In turn, we will continuously make all expenses transparent in real time. 

Please tell us how Aluuka has impacted your life, or areas of improvement needed, we would love to hear from you.

РNoh̩mie Mawaka

Board Advisors

Nathan Shantz

Richard Reid

Davis Zhu