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Frequently Asked Questions​

Our core objectives:

  1. Send cash to trusted providers: western (diaspora) caregivers can pay for their loved ones’ medical payments directly to health care providers, without having to go through a third person intermediary who may not provide proof of money used.
  2. Access to a central platform: western (diaspora) caregivers can have an integrated platform that monitors their loved ones abroad medical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical health treatment outcomes.
  3. Streamlined process: For health care providers in developing countries to skip all paperwork, reduce administrative cost, have a secured revenue cycle management platform, and streamline patient data more efficiently.


Through our local affiliates who assess partnered institutions, we have implemented a rigorous standard of care system when selecting healthcare providers who apply to be listed on our platform. Healthcare institutions must:

  • Be licensed
  • Have access to a strong internet network
  • Accept payouts through international electronic wire transfer
  • Adhere to an international standard of care when treating local patients, and streamline patients’ medical treatment outcomes to the (western) caregiver making the payments.

Aluuka charges 8% commission per transaction, 3% goes to third-party merchants and 5% to Aluuka.

Western caregivers paying for the health care of loved ones overseas can select the health institution through our platform but we cannot guarantee that local institutions will assign the same health care provider when treating patients. Health care services are often based on availability of the provider(s).

At the moment, we only cater to preventative health care, not urgent care. Western caregivers paying for their loved ones to receive care in developing countries must take into account that local healthcare providers may not be able to provide care to the patient(s) right away. Health care providers may offer alternative dates for treatment.

At the moment, Aluuka only operates between caregivers in Canada and healthcare providers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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